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mengubah keypad menjadi qwerty di samsung corby 2

Monday, January 23, 2012

Firmware Update Problem: Device does not support upgrading via Kies

In my previous post regarding the Firmware Update which includes a Qwerty keypad, I mentioned that not all firmwares are compatible for this update. Proven true by many Samsung Corby 2 users who tried to update their firmware. Now here's a solution I got from Corbitonians-- change your firmware to the Arabic one and after doing so, change your CSC to JED. Chill. The process will be perfectly smooth if you follow the directions. Just do the right thing and everything will be fine. I know you'll feel more at ease with images so despite my busyness, I decided to spare time to make a separate tutorial in reference to that of Corbitonians group.

You do know that you will lose all data if you do this update, right? This includes your internet settings so you may not be able to use Facebook and Twitter apps without setting your connection. So please back-up your files(everything saved in your phone memory) and let's get started.

Here's a list of what you need:
1. Samsung Kies
2. Arabic Firmware
3. MultiLoader

Install Samsung Kies, extract the Arabic Firmware and proceed.
Right click on the Arabic Firmware you downloaded and select "Extract here."
If you don't see this option, download WinRAR here and install.

1 and 2. Click BRCM2133 button and FULL DOWNLOAD checkbox as shown in the screenshot below:
3. We'll need to import certain files from the extracted firmware folder.
Edit: Focus on BOOT, AMSS, APPS, RSRC1, RSRC2, FACTORY FS, CSC and SHP APP. Himanshu Pathak, a firmware modder, same person who successfully found a way to install fonts using TKFE messaged me 2 nights ago that AMSS should not be left blank because it is one of the most important parts of a firmware upgrade. If you leave it blank then you are prone to getting serious problems in the future. Your phone may stop working anytime, unable to restart, etc. 
Now click BOOT and select BOOTFILES from the extracted Firmware folder.
Click AMSS and select apps_compressed
Click APPS and select apps_compressed (yes, 2 apps_compressed)
Click RSRC1 and select Rsrc_S3850_Open_Arabic_Common_OJP
Click RSCRC2 and select Rsrc2_S3850(Mid)
Click FACTORY FS and select FactoryFs_S3850_Open_Arabic_Common_OJP
Click CSC and select CSC_S3850_Open_Arabic_Common_OJ
Click SHP APP and select ShpApp

Ok we're done with this part.

4. Turn off your phone and remove both your sim and memory card.
5. Enter download mode by pressing the answer key + power button + volume down button
6. Connect your phone and click the Port search button. (make sure there are no other devices plugged)

7. When your port shows up(see image below), click the Download button found on the bottom right of the window.

8. Wait for the download to finish. You can see the progress/status of the download on the right side of the window. Click the image to enlarge.

9. When the download has completely finished, disconnect and return your sim card and work on changing your CSC.

Changing your CSC:
1. From your home screen, tap on keypad and type *#5239870*#
2. Select Pre-configuration and enter *#27236*#
3. Scroll down, select JED and tap install.
Your phone will automatically be restarted.

Now you're so close to getting your QWERTY keypad :)
Follow the steps below:
1. Connect your phone to your PC again.
2. Run Samsung Kies.
3. It will automatically detect your device and something like the image below will show up. Click update.

4. After doing so, just wait and Kies will take care of the rest. The download progress will be shown. It shouldn't take more than 30 minutes.
5. Enjoy your new qwerty keypad! If you encounter errors, see this group Corbitonians. You can find nice people there always willing to help you out :)

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  1. Thank you for the awesome instructions!! But can I ask you for a favour?? Is it possible tu upload again Arabian firmware or send it to my mail: Your link is dead already and I am suffering all night to get Qwerty. Tkans a lot once more :)